Thursday, 19 March 2009

An e-mail I received.

There are people fishing for the 'post'out there.The least we can do is watch the movementsand know how to protect KJ's right and choose the right person for the next KETUA PEMUDA.You( and The SETIAKAWAN TEAM lah)have a leader who have fought for his downlines..I think its just right to look up and stand up for what he has fought for!Dont be like the other candidates,with no 'back bone' that do not want to involved but talk a lot at the back-like aunty-aunty.Tahniah Sameer atas lahirnya blog ini.Selamat menulis yang 'TERANGKAT-ANGKAT' dan yang 'BERASAP-ASAP'.
Sikhin Harun
Salam Setiakawan

I will be posting more and more about YB KJ.


Salam Setiakawan.

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