Thursday, 24 December 2009

Why I support KJ.

Let me say, IT HAS BEEN A WHILE.

Might be rusty, but then let’s see how this piece goes.

The previous I wrote was entitled, Khairy Jamaluddin – My Idol. And guess what, it’s true. Every word of it. Absolutely true.

For me, there are two types of bloggers in Malaysia. The first would be the ones who support a particular subject and the second; a ‘special group’ who only try their best to outshine figures and talk as if they know all the answers. Guess what you bloodsucking vampires – you people are laughing stocks! Or more to that, I’ll put it this way; like a lentil dish served with curry. The lentils dish will always be the unique one, it has to be served by itself.

I support Khairy Jamaluddin with all my heart. Just try to digest that fact.

I come from an island where the up is down and the down is up. It’s a place where dreams come true. I never, in a thousand years, thought I would be able to sit next to a person like Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ). But it happened, I actually wished for it. It came true.

So my fellow readers let me bore you with some truths.

Like I have been making my points known to some ‘brick walls’, when KJ was battling the no.1 youth post in the country everyone thought that it was a dead-end. Everybody was wrong.

And for most of that time, he went forward against great odds, the voice of progressivism in an avant-garde age. When people were getting tired of hearing about changes within, he kept on talking even though the tempo towards unpopularity was increasing.

So does it matter that KJ never made it to the cabinet at the most tempting moment? A good number of the similar post got ‘there’ but KJ didn’t. KJ and supporters like me remained hush hush and till now it’s still the same. Why? WE HAVE A GOOD LEADER! KJ is a good leader.

This is the atmosphere that all Malaysians should be born into. Respect. Or perhaps just try to have the Rukun Negara within all of us.

Being a gentlemen as what KJ is being and has always been for that manner, a lot of good votes are coming in. Votes that once left the country and the current ruling party is making Malaysia a change place and a better one where the votes from the youths are concerned.

More than his post, KJ shaped it into something real and enduring. A hard headed person like me who once yelled at a lecturer during college days, can sit down and listen to a whole lengthy speech and ponder upon it.

Hardly anybody talks about negative made-up issues about KJ like they used to except for the second group as I mentioned up above. And on other issues there could be no common ground.

Not anyone of us knows what ways a prophecy would turn out into. Yet KJ would create a plane from a folded piece of paper, designed to fly up north and tell the world that nothing is impossible if you have the right mind set for something.

It is true that KJ doesn’t have a record of businesses he has built, run, connected etc. or even a government he has run. For one thing he has been moving around a lot. Looking at the world from a different perspective, thank God for not setting those ‘gaudy’ sets where he visits. A person with a 1st class mind I’ve been looking for is right where we need him. The restlessness of his résumé is striking. Go check it out for yourself.

Yet after mentioning to this group of people what I think of KJ, they still ask me why do I support KJ. Annoyance at its best.

I wanted to write more, but then I would rather pause here and see what’s next in the world of blogosphere. Will the first group be known or the second group be evermore unique like a dish of lentils?

Let’s see.

Sameer Khan.