Friday, 22 January 2010

Phoenix from Ashes.

Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ) - the current Barisan Nasional and UMNO Youth Chief in his first year as the leader of the wing. The most competitive seat that he won. Tall, handsome and expressionless, he looks exactly like a man whom I thought could lead the youth of the nation; of nearly infinite variation should. He was once before getting methodically and mercilessly crushed by his once opponents.

‘He rose like phoenix from ashes’ a close friend of his text me once.

Genius can appear anywhere, but the origins of KJ’s talent are particularly mysterious.

When I first met him, I remember him petting my shoulder and for some reason which I still can’t get, I knew that KJ is going to bring some change to the youth in Malaysia.

Even pro-politicians, lecturers, professors etc. (I read once in an article published by an international university) a population inured to demonstrations of extraordinary intellect have been electrified by KJ’s rise. KJ is a leader at the early age of his 30’s and a man who would bring change to the youth of Malaysia.

In conversation, KJ offers subtle clues to his intelligence. His speech is technical fact to fact, grammatically flawless and logically irresistible. He dresses neatly and at the same time shows absolute comfort with formality. He would at times seem older than his age but for his habit of intermingle and his warmth, he will make his guests feel like they’ve known each other for ages.

KJ is rooted in a deep intuitive sense no computer can teach and that his supporters have a natural feel for where to ‘place the pieces’.

According to KJ in his recent interview with The Nut Graph, KJ quoted as saying “I prefer Pemuda to become a solution provider, sometimes merely pressuring the government to do this or not do that can make you popular in short term, but sooner or later people will ask “What’s your alternative?”” which is also KJ’s vision for Pemuda Barisan Nasional and Pemuda UMNO.

Let me say this to the oppressors; “the fear surrounding any such beautiful mind is that a life spent probing the edges of the never ending unintelligent conclusions, the possible variations of leading a few - the ‘estimated number of atoms in the universe’ will eventually lead to madness”.

Whatever whoever says, me-myself and those uncountable supporters of KJ will always be there by KJ’s side we will let KJ lead.

At the same time, it’s difficult to predict what will happen.

So far, at least, KJ has been making all the right moves.

Sameer Khan.

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