Saturday, 16 May 2009

Greek Gods, The Americans & Imaginations.

Greek Gods; The Titans, The Olympians and the Lessor Gods, and some private companies have got one particular characteristic in common. They operate above the law, bending it to the maximum. The other part where leadership comes into the act would be the moment of castrating.

According to the Greek myth, Cronus (the ruler of the Titans) came to power by castrating his father (Uranus). To ensure his safety Cronus ate each one of his children as they were given birth by his wife, Rhea. This went on until one day when Rhea had enough of what was going on, tricked Cronus into swallowing a rock, instead of Zeus.

An adult Zeus revolted against his father and other of the Titans, defeated them, and banished them to Tartarus in the underworld. The god grew up, forced Cronus to disgorge his swallowed offspring, and led The Olympians in a ten year war against The Titans.

He then drew lots with his brothers Poseidon and Hades.

Zeus won the draw and became the supreme ruler of the gods. He is lord of the sky, the rain god. His weapon is a thunderbolt which he flings at those who displease him.

(Or so say the myth).

Greek Gods always play hero. They act like they’ve won even though they’ve lost. Like the Americans.

Let’s go straight to the point now; Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, is taking cheap shots all the time, and we act like fools listening to him. And some even believes him. Someone on my facebook list sent me a message saying that DSAI pays his secretariats during any election RM 20,000 each to work on behalf of PKR.

It’s such ashamed the way he campaigns, hovering around the northern region with his clan and, again, fooling people in what exactly they want to listen. Sometimes I can’t believe that I’m actually surrounded by these people.

All that he is playing is with people’s emotions; keep on reminding the audience what he did when he was with BN and of course only the good part.

DSAI as known better as ‘The Opportunist’, keeps on repeating the same issues just in different tones and words arrangements if one tries to listen.

Malaysia belongs to all of us, Malaysians. Filled with absolutely racial equity and I’m being really egotistical about it.

What some of us want is just some minor changes, that’s why this guy who strappingly supports the call of the anus uses to word ‘reformasi’ to baffle voters.

Evidently, solving issues fascistically works out well for propositions pertaining but at the same time it creates hatred and unnecessary tension. It’s difficult being the nice guy.

We all had our fair share of mistakes of being hushed about the topic. As we all knew and please be honest about it, we all wanted the opposition to have a stronger voice due to these very minority within Barisan Nasional but if a few thousand of us would to think alike, which happened, now we all will have to face the consequences.

Nietzsche (1887-1967, a German Philosopher) argued that those who are threatened by the possibility of their own inferiority have a desire to deaden pain by means of affect. Thus, feeling pleasure at another’s misfortune can act as an “imaginary revenge” against the threat of inferiority.

In essence, Nietzsche who also displayed interests to aphorism suggested that the affective pleasure of an imaginary revenge is a way in which in-groups can compensate for a status inferiority that threatens their self-worth. Nietzsche described an imaginary revenge as extremely opportunistic. Given that it is passive and indirect, an imaginary revenge relies on circumstances that cause another’s misfortune and make it legitimate for the in-group to enjoy the opportunity of self pleasure.

Imaginary revenge functions as free-lunch revenge: effortlessly, you feel you have conquered your enemy.

So, DSAI is a complete opposition leader and an American-Jewish ally. Why say so? He acts like one of the most powerful family in the US, the Bush’s. He behaves like Greek Gods and he pretends that he’s won.

Again, I would put it this way. Who is DSAI?
He is a man filled with an excruciating deadly concoction of spreading a paralyzing mess through air, cultivated with paradoxical thoughts.
If you agree with me, I am as guilty as charged.


  1. DSAI - x factors :
    2)Does not practice what he preaches
    3)Puppet of the USA(by the way,l've read in an article that US will become a THIRD WORLD country by year 2020-so DSAI,nak ikut lagi ke?)

    The future of our country depend on leaders who are MORALLY UPRIGHT and intelectually dependable!!

  2. good posting bro...