Thursday, 6 August 2009

Khairy Jamaluddin - My Idol.

Khairy Jamaluddin – My Idol.

It is hard to say exactly when I first met or heard the name Khairy Jamaluddin. But it was quite early in 2000. When he was battling harmful verbal gestures by… you know who.

I was an early joiner of UMNO through a UMNO Youth Division and State Chief by invitation due to flaws by some opposites.

At that time, I followed Khairy Jamaluddin’s moves avidly. Newspapers and the online media had extensive coverage of his whereabouts although they tried to wane his popularity as it became clear his rivals (the opposition party) was coming for defeat.

As I improved my knowledge on politics and/or leadership, I have always seen Khairy Jamaluddin as an example.

Having won an important role in the country, it is with great importance that the youth will be able to understand certain criteria within the laws and at the same time try to change youth’s destiny. Whether history will repeat itself, depends on the people of the country, all he can do is to try to advice and set new ‘software’s’ to fit in the current ‘hardware’ which has already been done by previous premiers.

At the peak now in Pemuda UMNO Malaysia, even former adversaries have to admire his way. Within Barisan Nasional, top leaders have analyzed his victory in the recent Pemilihan.

Someone suggested that he gained the upper hand with a ‘queen move’ to which I always reply that it is faith that took him there.

By now the once strong rival of Khairy Jamaluddin has been mum over his victory, setting the record that the ‘Youth for Youth’ point was as honest and suitable to the best.

I am often asked if I ever had the chance or opportunity to ride beside or discuss certain issues with Khairy Jamaluddin. The answer is no, I never had the opportunity.

But even though it is within his knowledge of my existence in Pemuda UMNO and me being a strong supporter of his, I hope to soon have the chance to thank him for all the good things he has done for the Youth of the nation.

The biggest slap of all time was when a quote was proven right during the race for the Ketua Pemuda UMNO seat, professionals built the titanic, amateurs built the ark.

The people of Rembau entrusted Khairy Jamaluddin to be their representative and their voice, and in reply, as a Muslim, this is what he posted in his Facebook page:
Allah doth command you to render back your Trusts to those to whom they are due; And when ye judge between man and man, that ye judge with justice: Verily how excellent is the teaching which He giveth you! For Allah is He Who heareth and seeth all things.
(An-Nisa: 58) (سورة النساء: ٥٨)

How I wish that my Idol, Khairy Jamaluddin could have been for us, for Langkawi.

There are many ways to see him in the best possible way. For me, I see him as a leader and my Idol.

Sameer Khan.


  1. Pilihan tepat! KJ seorang pemimipin muda yang ada visi. Dia pemimpin alaf baru.

  2. Terima kasih atas komen Sdr/i !

  3. KJ has a bright future for the country not just UMNO. Masaalahnya UMNO ni suka buang pemimpin.

  4. Kami, KESEMUA penyokongnya akan mempertahan beliau kali ini.. HABIS-HABISAN!


  6. Terima kasih Sdr. Kamal, kali ini kita akan pertahankan YB KJ, KESEMUA bloggers ProKJ harus mainkan peranan.

    Salam Setiakawan.

  7. YB KJ seorang pemimpin yang mempunyai masa depan yang cerah sebagai pemimpin pelapis Negara.

  8. Wow... didn't you know khairy only won rembau with some magical postal votes that only appeared after it was clear that he was losing?

  9. And that many people who have met him have said he's a pompous proud prick. so full of himself. he didn't even grow up in malaysia so he cannot claim to be fully malaysian. and you yourself are probably of central asian descent. stop pretending to be bumiputeras.

  10. Parang Sasau - Samasamalah kita pertahankan YB KJ.

    Anonymous - Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Behave yourself.

  11. anon,

    u are so stupid. it was a 5400 majority in rembau in the 12th PRU. nak post pon buat lah research bodoh. takkan 5000 postal votes. stupid

  12. KPD : anon yang cakap KJ pompous

    Well if he is a pompous proud prick, then good least tak hipokrit depan salam baik2 belakang tikam macam engkau. KJ ada maruah sbb tu dia bangga, kau salah tafsir....u just want to see what u want to see....blinded.

  13. Handsome lah you Sameer. Innocent looking.

  14. Now there's two anonymous... hahahahah!!!
    Anyway thank you for commenting here.

    Thanks Teja!

  15. Every politician has his shortcomings, maybe in KJ's case he doesnt waste time with the high 5's and just goes in there and get the job done. it could be bad, it could be good...but like it or not KJ means well. he has churned out many progs like the one in Pagoh recently with Amanah Raya and the rugby team for Pemuda. Even with no cabinet post he still moves. that to me is sincererity and its more meaningful than the salams and hugs thats prob just superficial. You choose.

  16. The times are filled with terror and destruction..
    And the freedom in the world is jeopardy...
    ONE MAN will stand up to secure the safety.........
    He will do his duty with full knowledge of never returning 'NOTHING'..
    When he is thanked for 'fighting',he only humbly bows his head and says he was only doing his job........